North Sea restaurant

North Sea restaurant has been located on the 9th floor of our hotel.Here you can you can taste exotic dishes that represent seven provinces of China and dishes of the European cuisine.The main hall of the restaurant seats up 120 people, we also have 5 VIP-rooms that seat up 20 people. Also, soon we will open a modern SPA-complex where our guests may enjoy saunas and a spacious pool.

Conference hall

If you need to hold negotiations, North Sea hotel may offer you 4 negotiation rooms and panoramic conference hall with area of 130 square meters that seat up 120 people and that has been equipped with modern devices and air conditioning system.We can offer you coffee-brake and buffet dinner menu by your request. Our team will be glad to help you to organize your business event.


Шикарный spa-комплекс, представленный 2 финскими саунами с 2 бассейнами.



Land Сruiser 200

Land Сruiser 200

Meeting rooms

If you need to hold negotiations with a small group of partners, we can offer you meeting rooms with area up to 40 square meters comfortable enough for up to 20 persons. Our team will help you to organize your business event.

Warm garage

North Sea Hotel provides safe warm boxes rent for our guests.